Previous Alumni Employment

Are you an active BDAA member? Below are just some of the companies that our members have had the opportunity to work for. If you are interested in any of these companies, you can reach out to us at and ask for the contact. Once we have verified your active member status, we can be sure to connect you to someone who can share their experience!

Alumni Employment Map

Alumni Testimonials

Andy Hay - Technology Development Program at Capital One

"I got an internship and a full time job from opportunities BDAA presented me! I also made some great friends that'll tie me to Columbus and the analytics community for years to come!"

JT Bassett - Data Analyst at Olive

"BDAA connected me with so many talented, inspiring people in the Columbus community. Their dedication to serving students and businesses is quite impressive, and even moreso as a student-run organization."

Winston Underwood - Senior Data Analyst at Nationwide

"As a business student, BDAA was not only instrumental in equiping me with the skills I needed to get an analytics job, but was also instrumental in my career sucess as an analytics professional. My experience with BDAA is taken seriously within the analytics community."

Alisa Noll - Associate at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

"BDAA gave me access to Columbus’ start-up community and exposed me to analytics positions which are notusually present at the engineering career fair. I attended workshops BDAA held for Python and other data science topics, which made me proficient enough to work in an analytics internship at Drive Capital downtown. This opportunity truly changed the way I view my career."

Jack Schroder - Lead Data Scientist at

"BDAA gave me the opportunities to practice competitive data science, learn new skills, and grow professionally. It created all sort of opportunities for me, including an entrance into the startup world. I would not have been able to secure an internship at Facebook without all of the activities and experience BDAA gave me. "

Derek Sasthav - Senior Data Scientist at AMEND Consulting

"BDAA was the only club where I felt I was learning and applying practical skills relevant to the current business landscape. While academia is often slow to adapt to current technology, BDAA did a good job organizing content around the cutting edge technology we needed to know."

Kenneth Braggs

"BDAA is an awesome club! I loved that it gave me ability to network and learn from other studentsas well as giving me the ability to share my own skills. I believe that this share of knowledge gives you the opportunity to learn so many skills that you wouldn't have heard of from classes alone."

Kelly Piper - Data Scientist at Zillow

"BDAA was constantly innovating and provided me with impactful learning opportunities. BDAA played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between my coursework in the classroom and understanding life as a data scientist. The club’s exposure to top analytical employers gave me a sense of the type of work I wanted to do after graduation and prepared me with the skills to get there."